Facelift without surgery 

Your skin will be smooth, toned and soft to touch.

This revolutionary treatment diminishes fine lines and wrinkles with no need for surgery or injections. It is based on the innovative and complementary action of two products to double its effectiveness.

Serum 1:
Grangettes Genève laboratories created an innovative serum that combines pure anhydrous hyaluronic acid and reactive silicone. When applied to wrinkles and lines, the hyaluronic acid deeply penetrates the skin’s epidermis. It then absorbs water from the cells in the basal layer and epithelial cells. As it saturates, the hyaluronic acid pushes the wrinkle away. The skin is smooth and soft to touch. A few drops are enough to give immediately visible results. 

Airless vial 15 ml.

Gel Booster 2:

This essential gel booster offers extra moisture by adding water molecules (sodium hyaluronate) to optimize the saturation of acid hyaluronic molecules from Serum 1. The gel also contains a powerful anti-aging agent and marine collagen, restructuring the epidermis. Gel Booster 2 stimulates collagen synthesis in the epidermis, moisturizes and tones. It improves skin elasticity and adds additional toning to Serum 1’s action. 

Airless vial 30ml.


clean, dry skin, apply a few drops of Serum 1 to wrinkles morning and/or night. Then apply Gel Booster 2 generously over the entire face, concentrating on the areas that were treated with Serum 1. Massage until completely absorbed. Provide additional daily moisture with our anti-aging moisturizer.