Non-oily gel cream, prevents and helps reduce stretch marks. 

A combination of exclusive patented active ingredients, this daily high-tolerance body care, strengthens elasticity and stimulates the skin to resist stretching. 

Day after day, the skin becomes smoother, feels more supple and comfortable. 

Hyaluronic acid - Micro-fragmented, maintains the entire structure and regulates moisurising of the skin. 

Darutoside - Anti-inflammatory, healing and restructuring of the extracellular skin matrix 

Regestril™ - Stimulates repairing of the damaged extracellular matrix, slows down tissue breakdown. 

Hydroxyprolisilane™ - Restructures and restores elastic fibres and collagen strands. 

Teca - Healing agent, skin repairing agent, Stimulates collagen production. 

Use : Apply morning and evening to the desired areas, such as stomach, hips, thighs, breasts, etc. Ideal for maternity, puberty and periods of weight gain and loss.