Firming, restructuring and moisturising body milk, with immediate tightening effect. 

Based on an innovative combination of patented active ingredients, this daily fast-penetrating, non-oily body care actively affects all signs of sagging skin giving the skin back its original density and elasticity. 

Immediately smooth, day after day the skin becomes more toned and firm again. 

Hyaluronic acid - Micro-fragmented, maintains the entire structure and regulates moisturizing of the skin. 

Aquaflex™ - Film-producing complex, long-lasting tautening of skin tissues for a figure-shaping action. 

Comnipheroline - Plant-based active ingredient that plumps up and maintains skin tone. 

Glycolift™ - Glycosystem with firming and skin-tightening properties, for an immediate and lasting smoothing effect. 

Jojoba oil - Regenerative, protecting, moisturising and softening action 

Use : Apply in the morning and/or the evening, preferably after bath or shower on skin that is already dried, paying extra attention to areas that tend to sag, such as thighs, stomach, arms, etc.