Cosmétique Grangettes Genève anti-âge

Anti-age treatments and Facial structure

Hormonal changes, genetics, stress and muscle tension contribute to aging your skin. Research shows that hyaluronic acid is the only effective solution to maintain the skin structure and keep it hydrated. This element is naturally present in the human body, but tends to decrease with age. The skincare line Grangettes Genève contains “micro-fragmented” hyaluronic acid, which is the only substance that can penetrate the epidermis far enough to prevent wrinkles from deepening and skin from losing elasticity. See the full product line.

Body Care Expertise

The skin protects your body from external factors, acts as insulation and controls moisture loss. It is covered by a fine hydro-lipid layer that works as a real barrier but weakens when altered by pollution, hard water, air conditioning, heating, cold, sun, wind and age. When depleted of lipids and natural moisturising agents, the skin becomes dry and fragile, and loses its cellular cohesion. With time, it also loses its firmness and its elasticity. As a consequence of loss of elastin and collagen fibres in the skin, unattractive light or dark stretch marks can appear due to weight loss or gain, or pregnancy. Clinique des Grangettes Cosmétique laboratories have developed a range of cutting-edge technology body care products with hyaluronic acid, providing all the innovative active ingredients to moisturize, re-strucure and maintain the skin barrier, satisfying the needs of your skin. See the full product line