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Research shows that the only effective means of maintaining the structure and hydration of the skin is hyaluronic acid. This substance, which is naturally present in the human body, contributes to the elasticity and firmness of the skin. But this diminishes with age. We lose 10% every 10 years. That’s why the anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle range of products from Grangettes Geneva contains « micro-fragmented hyaluronic acid », the only element capable of penetrating the epidermis in-depth to prevent wrinkles from forming and the skin from sagging.

The Grangettes Geneva laboratories have made use of cutting-edge technology to create an effective anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle range of products. This technology has led to the creation of a « micro-fragmented » hyaluronic acid, the only one to be effective in the form of a cream, a speciality of the Grangettes Geneva range. Present in all the products of the range, micro-fragmented hyaluronic acid makes it possible to correct and slow down skin ageing and maintains the architecture of the face.


In the case of non-fragmented hyaluronic acid, the size of the molecules prevents it from penetrating the skin - it just stays on the surface. To be effective, our anti-ageing products therefore contain «micro-fragmented» hyaluronic acid, a speciality of the Grangettes Geneva laboratories, and not simple hyaluronic acid.

 Only micro-fragmented hyaluronic acid, used in the form of microspheres, is capable of penetrating the skin and overcoming the deficit caused by time. It acts in depth as a sponge by absorbing the water of the cells and regenerating them while at the same time stimulating the synthesis of natural hyaluronic acid in a sustainable manner. (Find out more ...)


An exclusivity of the Grangettes Geneva laboratories. To multiply its effectiveness, micro-fragmented hyaluronic acid has been conditioned in “anhydrous" form, in other words without water. Thus "anhydrous" micro-fragmented hyaluronic acid penetrates more deeply into the skin and acts immediately. It absorbs the physiological water in the body and swells so as to fill the wrinkles promptly.

Grangettes Geneva products, developed in Swiss laboratories, enjoy a reputation for precision, expertise and high technology, offering a «Swiss made» guarantee.

All Grangettes Geneva products are hypoallergenic, guaranteed without parabens, without phenoxyethanol, without extra fragrance, and no tests have been performed on animals.